Sunday, January 29, 2017

When you just have to make do.

Ok, this year has been pretty rough for me with my chronic pain, so I haven't been able to mooching about the shops for presents or cards.  I've had to make do, picking up a bit here and there on my weekly shopping day.  Sorry guys but that's the way it is, be thankful you get something and if I made your card it was also a painful experience!

Yes I know I can order over the internet, I've done a lot of that.  Sometimes you just want to get out into the fresh air no matter how much it hurts - you can't be on meds and drive!  Well not me anyway.

Anyway this is my besties little something, she got a dvd which she wanted too...yay!!  She appreciates the little things like myself.  Anyway she can't complain as she's sent me stuff that wasn't even  That's why we're best friends for life I guess.

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