Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Beach Rocks!

Everyone walks their dogs here, so I'm always trying to find times when nobody is there so I can give my wee fella a free run.  He has no dog etiquette skills and I've only met one super friendly JRT that he 1/2 tolerates (by that I mean he doesn't attack him).  I hate to think why such a lovely wee dog is so aggressive and what kind of start he had for his 1st year, before fate brought us together.  It is the final task we have to solve with him.
Anyway if it's cold or wet it's a sure bet we will have the place to ourselves, or before 9am.  So on these rare days I can relax and look at what is lying around on the beach, but I still keep my eye out for dogs appearing out of nowhere.

I found these pebbles on two separate occasions, I call them our his 'n' hers rocks! I'm fascinated by the white lines and how I found two of a kind at different times.

And this heart shaped rock, which was half buried in the sand with the white line running around it!  This one is quite big and the odds of finding one like this is very slim.

Random Fact:
Penguins give rocks. Not just any rocks, male gentoo penguins search through piles of pebbles to find the smoothest, most perfect ones. When a penguin has selected his pebble, he presents it to his intended companion.  Pebbles are so important to the penguins that males often fight over the prettiest selections.

And for a final giggle, this is brilliant from Chronic Crafter!  I've seen a couple of these and they gave me a much needed laugh of the day.

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