Saturday, January 28, 2017

Drop Big Fabel leftovers

I had about 2 balls leftover from mum's jumper.  Now they have been sitting in the press (cupboard) for over a year and I'd been planning socks out of them.   I'd found a pattern ages ago that helps you knit any yarn sock, all you had to do was know your gauge. I knit from the cuff down as I'm more comfortable with that way and now use kitchener stitch to graft the toes.

Now I can't remember where I got the any yarn pattern,  But I think it was How to  make any size socks with any wieght yarn by Nancy McMullen.  Or you can try this one called a Sock-u-lator is available for free.  Do you think one day I might remember I have a sock loom sitting in the box unused?

I also had enough to knit a bonnet which turned out slightly larger than I expected.

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