Monday, November 28, 2016

Louie's got some new clothes

Ok so I wanted to make a new Harris Tweed harness for the wee man.  This one is based on his cheapo one from Dealz.  The tweed I've had for over 10 years, leftovers from a handbag I made for a friend.  There is a lot left over and I had planned another bag.  But I've moved so many times and even changed country, that it was forgotten about....... funny how I brought the fabric though!

So I drafted the pattern from his cheap one, which is getting a little holey.  I reinforced the inside seams with black webbing tape I had in.  I thought I would have enough bias tape to do the edges, which I did, but not to do the lead ties and when I went to get more the shop has zero bias tape, let alone the colour!!!  Arrgh, so after traipsing around a number of shops I finally found a close match fabric lining and mad my own for the straps.  So it's finally done, even if it is a little rough with the sewing of the bias around the leg holes. (I need practice).

He will look rather dapper when Santa brings it to him this Christmas ;)  While I was at it I drafted a pattern for a waterproof jacket.  Since Ireland is particularly cold this year I decided to insulated it.  This one is all using recycled materials. Waterproof fabric from an old jacket, padding, velcro and trim from a broken heat pad, D rings from a worn out harness.

I had a bit of debate as to where and how to attach the lead ring, because I don't want the rain getting in through the sewing (I know you can tape the underside, but having to source it was too much hassle).  I ended up going with inserting into the front side seams and fixing in place to the insulated lining on the chest, so it's doubly secure as he likes to pull on the lead. Here he is just back from our walk.

It was a nylon trim and a bit of a nightmare, I did my best but missed one or two spots and had to put a few hand stitches in other places to stop it from curling..... mostly on the underside you can't see... phew!  It may not be perfect but it does the job and keeps him warm and mostly dry.  As you can see, he's not happy about putting it on again for a model shot so you can see it in all it's glory.

I have to make a second one for summer and my friend says to put a hood on it......sou'wester she shouts at me, you need a sou'wester on it!  I need to buy the trim for that one though.  I'm thinking I might use a clip and thinner strap around the chest.

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