Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Retro Feel

I don't think this yarn is ever going to be finished, anyway I've put the last bit out of sight for now!  I thought that making this retro style crochet top would finish it, however it looks like I could get another one done with what's left.

I quite like the pattern so I've dug out my green yarn and doubled it up, it's looking good on the top part of the pattern, although I'm not sure how the shells are going to turn out.
It will certainly be a bit more lacey than this one.

The vest pattern is available here. It's worked from a chart, so this was a good learning experience for me...... perhaps I will be able to decipher the other Japanese patterns in the future.

I've tried to show the pattern in the second picture, but it's probably best to follow the link to the pattern for a clearer view.  It was a bit weird making a back and front, although I think this will keep the pattern straight as the last time I crocheted a top in one piece the pattern slanted to one side.

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