Wednesday, January 4, 2012

CD Calendar

Well for the first time I've not bought or received a calendar.  I decided to make a desktop on this year, as I had saved an empty CD case  from last year sometime with the intention of doing this with it. Actually it could have been 2 years ago!
The thing is when I first saw these there were free templates all over the place, of course this year I couldn't find any. I made my own dates with spreadsheet software and used images from free wallpapers online and some images I had collected through other sources.
I would have been nice to have used my own photos taken through out the year, but I don't have enough worthy ones yet.  It would also make a great gift if you take family photos throughout the years.
I printed out all the months using my cd label software to get them 12x12 and fit perfectly.
Then you just turn the lid of the case back to front and remove the inside.

The little tray at the back is good for storing small bits, that seem to fly around your desk............okay so I'm not the tidiest person, but I have an organised mess ;O)

I've also printed out the monthly parts on A4 so I can reuse the picture of last years, I just have to get a paper punch so I can put it together.

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