Friday, January 13, 2012

Cake........ no thats a lead weight!

I've  had an usually hectic week and at the beginning I was trying to get some baking done, and I mean trying.  I was just trying to bake a simple sponge with a jam and cream filling.

Well there I was, used my last eggs and marg, mixed it all up together and popped it in the oven....... only to realise later I'd forgotten to add the baking powder........ arrggggghh..... and it's not like you can just take it back out of the oven and mix it in!!

It's at times like these I hate being tired and doing wheat free baking, no sireee I did not have all my faculties in tact at all that day!!

So when it was baked the top was nice and crumbly and the bottom was like rubber........ I think even the birds were hopeful of a good feed.  Unfortunately for them,  I have a use for these disasters......... I make a trifle.

Of course the DH came in just after it came out of the oven and said "that smells good" to which I replied "aye, but it's best used as a diving weight!..... It'll do for trifle"

I did bake the proper sponge on Wednesday and turned out perfect :O)

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