Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mouse Skirt

Having suffered from multiple types of dermatitis for the past couple of decades, with no signs of improvement and finding new things I can't touch or eat I getting pretty fed up with it.  I know the mouse mat is a trigger and maybe even the mouse, so I thought I'd have a bash at making a cover for it.  I've tried wearing cotton gloves, but they just make my hand sweat, which in turn aggravates my skin and itches like crazy.  I've had more cream than I can count and none work, the only temporary relief I got is when I bought an antihistamine cream for the itch.

Anyway back to the cover, used some fabric wrong side round and pinned the corners and curves, stitched in place, add applique for the left and right clicks, made two wide button holes to access the scrolls.  I also left a long bit at the back  aka the skirt to protect my wrist from contact with the mat.

I not gonna hold my breath, but I hope this will give me some respite from my affliction.

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