Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In the Pink

I've had this mad knit phase.  I have clicked n clacked my way through a few items and still have a waiting list. 
I got this big cone of pink 4 ply which has been used up a bit, but still has a few things to make before it's done.

I'm one of these people who can't wait to finish something that I've just started and even though it doesn't take too long, it sometimes seems like forever before it's finished. 
I am glad to say I finished this tank finally, there was lots of knitting and taking back because I didn't like it or it wasn't working for me. I'm still not entirely satisfied with the neck line but it's staying.  The design is based on the Romanssi on Ravelry however I had to make a big size and I never had circular needles.........that seems to be something I will have to invest in sometime soon.
I also made another tank top (Isabella tank on Ravelry)
I've decided to try and finish the yarn by making baby cardigans, basically because they go quick and I really want to finish the yarn so I can start the next cone.  Also the fact I can't save oddballs I just have to finish them somehow.

Ok I made some wrist warmers, basic and easy to make. Originally these were from a legwarmer pattern but I decided I didn't want pink ones. Am now in the process of making another cardigan...... hopefully that will finish the yarn!

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