Friday, March 18, 2011

Lacey knit

I've just finished the aran sweater that has been on the needles for what seems like an eternity.......since it was plain I got fed up with it and started other things as you can see from the previous post. I thought I'd better bite the bullet and get it done and dusted.  So now it's done and it knitted up pretty good considering it was the second time I'd used the yarn........ it had been a zip up cardigan in it's last life.
No sooner had it come off the needles and been sewn together than it was on the Misters back....... nope I hadn't even the chance to finish up all the loose ends. ;) still I pinched it back when he wasn't looking and fixed that.

I spotted Shiri Mors cropped Lace Top on Ravelry and fell head over heels for it, just had to make it...... hmmm I had thought the green yarn in my stash was 2 ply but now I don't know??
Anyway it would have been better to have the gauge before blocking , but I've doubled my yarn and gone up 2 needles sizes.... fingers crossed that will work out big enough?? doesn't look like it to me.  I have loads of the yarn so I can make another one after a little maths.... I've made modifications to the top so it's longer so we'll see how that turns out. I'm currently at the armhole shaping.  Doesn't look like much in the photo.

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