Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crochet is in!

Well it seems that crochet is making a comeback in the fashion world..... Personally I don't see how it can go out of fashion.  I was flicking through the Summer catalogue to see the trends...... not that I go with the latest trend, I'm one of these people who buys what they need, so basically you can fit my wardrobe into a suitcase.

Anyway back to the crochet thing.... on the left is a crochet vest which is tagged at €34.... I'm not kidding, I won't pay that for it as I could make one for less.
So if you wanted to make a similar one Caron International has a free pattern on their site see picture on the right.

I might be busting into my stash yet and using that pattern as a basis for a project, the scalloped edge with a plain body.

I have to say I adore the crochet waistcoat in the catalogue so I will be seeking a similar pattern for that. By some miracle it may make the sale in the summer?! Yes I am
No doubt when I finish the current projects on my needles, I'll do some trials with my crochet hook after a bit of research. I'm new to crochet so I have to read a bit and think about how to make it before I even think about starting.

I really have to sort out all my patterns so I can find stuff quicker.........when I have a spare 2-4 weeks I'm glad it's all on discs because it would be one big paper mound otherwise.

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