Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gentle reminder...

Well I thought it was time to catch up with all my emails this morning. I don't get many thankfully!
Anyway what landed in my inbox this morning was a gentle reminder (from a crafting site) that Valentines day is round the corner......... I had totally forgotten about it....***moans*** and with all the frost at the moment, cuddling up at the fire is all anyone wants to do.

But looking on the bright side there are 3 weeks to go to figure out what to do for my long term partner, (calling him my boyfriend just sounds daft after almost 15 years).

Plan A is cook him a steak dinner (his favourite), and if he's really lucky I'll bake a Black Forest Gateaux for dessert.
Plan B weather permitting is that we take a day trip somewhere. Making sure that where-ever we go is open.

I'll see what bit's n bobs I've got for making his card and scour the net for a nice verse, as I couldn't put one together if I tried..... well I don't think I could.

I tried to surprise him with a walk in the woods this week and they had closed it for 2 days for maintenance!  Just my luck! Mind you saying that it was a crazy day full of little glitches and events. Of course I blame the Full Moon.... it seems to have a strange effect on some people.

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