Friday, November 12, 2010

River Cottage Everyday Cookbook

I've been waiting patiently all week for delivery of this book. I have to tell you I'm not one for buying books of any sort, definitely not cookbooks!! I mean there are so many to choose from and lets face it, the recipes are either too fancy or require ingredients that you can't find or can't afford.
The reason I jumped at this one is because I've been watching the TV series (on Channel 4 (UK)) that goes with it, yep every Thursday at 8pm, faithfully for the past few weeks and it really got the taste buds going.

My first task is making bread, soda bread this week with wheat free flour, I've missed my sandwiches! I've had to cut wheat from the diet and to be honest I never knew how many things it was in!  So I got all the ingredients and am ready to roll. LOL

If anybody wants to buy it I recommend the with free worldwide shipping. Off course they have loads of other books at bargain prices too.

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