Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crochet top finished at last

I've been working on knitwear for the last month or so. And have recently taught myself how to crochet. I finally finished the crochet top I mentioned in a previous post, using chenille yarn. It took a while and was hibernating for a bit too, as I had socks and an Aran cardi (in progress) on the go at the same time.
I turned out quite well, but if I made it again I would definitely do it differently. Crocheting the bodice in one piece and making it a bit longer. The skirt part I would also modify to be looser.
I have tried to get a decent photo but can't quite get the right shot yet, maybe I've got an off camera day ;o)  I think I will try and find similar yarn to the one asked for in the pattern and make it again as a dress, this was a good dummy run!
I can't decide whether or not to line the skirt part, or just wear a cami under it, I'll see what I can find and have a good think on it!
Finally got a half decent shot, I have decided to make a cami, just waiting for the fabric.

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