Thursday, December 6, 2012

Emergency chocolate!

I found this idea on pinterest so all credit goes to the original person on this.  However I found out it wasn't so straight forward as it looked.  First I got a cheap frame from the Euro store, hunted down a slim bar of chocolate, since the frame wasn't one of those deep ones.  
I printed out the message and cut to fit.  Then I glued the chocolate to the paper with pritt stick to hold it in place. 

Now for the back you can't simply use the one that was on it because it's too small, so you have to have some backing, either sketchpad or the stuff you get on furniture backs, or some thin wood.  I had a bigger back which I had saved, so I cut that to size, drilled 2 holes for string to hang it.  
Now the metal bits that you bend to hold the back on, you have to reuse these so carefully pull them out and reposition them where your new back is going to sit, and there you have it........ one emergency bar of chocolate novelty gift ;)

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