Sunday, December 16, 2012


Just a few Christmas cards. I had bought 'papers' in Lidl a while back.  Only thing was it wasn't papers it was card,  so my original idea/plan went out the window.  I had made a few toppers and tags months ago and had put them away and forgotten about them.
I was looking for something else a couple of weeks ago and came across them again, so thought it was about time that I finished what I started.

Also I was reminded that a friend is having their milestone birthday this month. Just so happened that she had a newspaper article 20 years back in the national paper, which I stumbled upon last year at the bottom of my Christmas box.  
The fun starts when you have to scan it on to the computer in 4 parts - it was a 2 page spread.  Getting all as straight as possible, which is no easy task. Then stitching them together to match so that the writing and pictures are perfectly aligned..... this took quite a few attempts and rescans of certain areas before I managed.  Usually I only work with 2 pictures, which is relatively simple to join, but getting four together required patience which I was running out of.  Some things you just need to take a break and get some sleep before it all comes together.  
With that done I printed it out along with a recent photo, mounted the photo onto card with foam pads, did the same with the happy birthday.  Cut a frame out of some pretty card to mount the article onto the card. Here is the end result.
 For those of you who are curious, yes the clothes are made using paper, crepe paper backed with interfacing, hand painted, glittered, cut, stitched and sequined.

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