Friday, November 30, 2012

Knitted Christmas gifts

OK I managed 2 whole days with out knitting........ aaargh I can't take it anymore!!  Actually I was trying to rest up a bit, cos I have what I call knitters elbow ( if there is such a thing), yes yes I know it's usually in the wrists or fingers, and normally that's what I get.  Just lately my elbow is bothering me.  I should really find a crochet project for a 'rest'.  ;o)

Anyway I've been knitting like a woman possessed lately, with 3 things on the go. 1st was the Cardigan which I've already posted, by the way I redid the button band in moss stitch, looks and fits much better.
2nd was the Baby Bunting bag. Which I had problems getting stitches per inch so had to basically do some math and kinda rewrite the pattern but keeping the design, it's all done now and ready for my friends baby due in a few weeks.  A lot of people seem to have had the same issue.

3rd was another aran cardigan for the mister, I had to write my own pattern to get the right size as again my gauge was out (becoming the norm of late!) Anyway it was this pattern that set me off. It looks exactly like it, although it was my first attempt at a shawl collar and I had more of a hood than a shawl at 1st try, but round two was much better.

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