Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cabled Cardi for her

 I've completed the vogue patterned cardi with quite a few modifications, mainly added cables to the back and sleeve, only added lower pockets and made it longer, as well as adding shape to the body and working stocking stitch.

I've put buttons on it for now, but  think I will try and find a raspberry coloured zipper for it.

Like I said previously my gauge was way off, but I knitted the smallest size which made a UK 16, so I was lucky that way at least.

I've also been knitting a baby bunting alongside this, which is half done..... and yes my gauge was out on that too..... seems to be common place for me lately so have to mod all the patterns.

I've started another cabled aran cardigan for himself, looks ok so far and I'm hoping it turns out like this one here.  I may have to take a break from knitting as my hand is quite achy ~ not surprising after that last one!!

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