Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Recycle your Yarn

I've taken to ripping back my knitwear recently.... only the worn out stuff!  Sometimes you can knit aran up as dk or aran the second time round.  Anyway I had this very old, very oversized aran coat that I made about 9 years ago.  I decided to deconstruct it and make something new out of it and since there was 800g of it first time round I wouldn't have any shortage.

I found this great pattern in Vogue from 2004, but I'm not keen on the rib throughout the cardi..... but that's just me.  I also decided I wanted some shape to it so am modding the body part that way and making it a bit longer.  I also wanted the cables on the back like some of the others so have done that too, just because you don't see the back doesn't mean it has to be blank!

My gauge is off ...... no change there then.  So I'm making the smallest size on 4.5mm needle and it appears to be working out at the same measurements as the next size up so I'm pleased about that.

I do believe I will have painful hands before I finish these cables, but they'll be worth it........I hope!  ;)

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