Monday, May 21, 2012

Short Sleeve Cardi

Another one from Drops knit in the round.   Not bad for 1 big ball of Aran from Aldi.  The pattern can be found here.  I quite like knitting in the round, so much so I've just ordered to sets of circular needles.   They can't come quick enough, as I've the next one lined up already, it's going to be the Sarah Lund sweater from the TV drama The Killing.

Just a close up of these fab buttons that were gifted to me a while back.  I'd thought that it would be black buttons initially, but then I came across these and that was it.  I did have nice grey marl ones but only had 5 and I needed 6....... that's so typical!

I've nearly finished my crochet waistcoat too...... just the buttons to get and since we're going into town tomorrow, I'm hopefull that I'll find ones I like, if not it will be Ebay all the way.

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