Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Constant Knitter


I honestly don't know what I will do with myself when I finish all my yarn..... I will be at a loss, I think!
So lately I've made a pair of crochet slippers for him and I'm hoping that the soles will last a lot longer than the poor socks,  still I found a solution to that by sewing a fabric sole to the sock. 

I've been knitting bonnets with the leftovers which I hope to sell a few, however I can see them ending in the charity shop.
I'm trying to save my dk yarn for a crochet blanket, I should really just crochet the squares before I use it for something else..... I'm terrible for that!

At the same time I've returned to working on the Bolero I started back in august (I think), It's a charted pattern, this is a first for me, as I'm used to written patterns.  Fortunately it was simple enough to follow and I hope to finish the final round of crochet tonight.

The photo is a sneak preview, I used Zettl nadine yarn from lidl I have to say it was the best €9.99 I spent, as it was perfect for this pattern.

And lastly I forgot to add the little phone sock which was just a little fun thing to do to relax.

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