Saturday, May 21, 2011

Feminine Knits

Think this is a really good book for knitting. I've just completed a sweater, well it was meant to be a short sleeved summer top with pompoms. But I need long sleeves as I'm such a chilly lass!

I ended up making a size smaller as it was looking to big in my size and that was a good choice for me, the pattern was easy and I quickly got to grasps with it.  I took my time and slowed down with my knitting, after all there's no race to finish all my yarn is there?! 
The book is available at The Book Depository see the link on the left. And corrections for the patterns are available from

You can find more images on Ravelry .

I wanted to make the Mother of the Bride cardigan out of the book Mother and daughter knits, but after 3 failed attempts at the back I gave up. It requires your undivided attention or you will end up losing stitches somewhere and since the pattern is quite intense it will not be easy to find where you lost them. 
I might take it on again when I'm a bit more focused or maybe it might be a good thing on a 3 hour ferry 

So instead I'm making my very 1st shawl pattern which appears so far to be way easier than the failed cardi.
The pattern is available for free on  and I hope my attempt looks half as good as this one.
I expect it to take a while to make but we'll see.  I suppose it will go fairly quickly if I am fortunate not to be interrupted whilst counting ...... ooh how that annoys me!

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