Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cabled Sweater by Bernat

This pattern has been driving me crazy from the start and it's just as well it's free because I would ask for a refund.  It started with the C4B which in traditional knitting is worked on a ratio of 2/2, so why in the name of mother earth would anyone change it to a 3/1 ratio? as if there isn't enough terminology to work through. I'm no stranger to Aran knitting and have not had any difficulty with cables until this pattern.

So I scrapped panels B and C because I didn't like the look and the C4B/F drove me nuts. I introduced a panel from the book Cables untangled [number 24] and was glad to have all my problems solved! Or so I thought until I reached row 53,, arrghhh pattern error should read 53rd row: P10. C6B. P4. T4F. K2. T4B. P4. C6F. P10

Perhaps I should have put cables to match the center one at the sides. Hmmm maybe next time?!

OK so now the back is done and the front started, I'm hoping that when finished it fits well and hasn't lost what first drew me to it.

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