Sunday, October 2, 2016

Chips and Dings in your Delph

There's nothing I hate more than getting a chip in my favourite plate.  I've always thrown the said dish away when this happens.  However this is my one and only dinner set!  It's also just to groovy and I adore it.

After much searching on google, I came to the conclusion that my best option to fill the hole left, way epoxy putty aka Milliput.  I chose the Superfine white.  Perhaps I shuld have added some paint in with hindsight as it's a bit whiter than the dish.  But I followed the mixing instructions and it mixed and hardened perfectly.

It reminded me of using clay in school, and can be moulded in the same way.  So with wet fingers and a bit of tissue to wipe off the mess I managed to get a decent match to the shape of the plate.  Once dry it can be sanded down, but I thought best to keep it to a minimum.

Now my problem is how to glaze it.  I did a vase I picked up for a euro in the charity store at the same time.  I can just varnish that and I think it will be ok, but first I will need some gold paint as you can see in the picture above.  But the plate I'm toying with the idea of enamel if I can find the right colour, as I'm afraid the varnish will flake off.  Perhaps it will sit there for another 2 years before I get around to it again (I hope not)!
I'm open to suggestions as what to do next to give an almost perfect finish.

I have plenty Milliput left and it seems to have a multiple uses, so it may come in useful in another crafty or practical way.

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