Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer blooms - even though Summer is hiding.

I've returned to my original method of card making.....yay! for me.  However getting aperture cards locally is difficult and I'm yet to find a steady source, which offer value for money.  So in the meantime I'm doing the folding and cutting by hand.  The card on the far right is upcycled materials, wallpaper, curtain hem and punched card.

Which also means if you have odd sized cards, that you will have to make the envelopes to match.  Which in my case turns out to be the square ones.  I did find a supplier, but shipping was a flat rate of €6.95 so I'll be looking for some interesting paper to make my own.  Especially since discovering you can make homemade envelope glue, using vinegar, sugar, gelatine and vanilla essence.  To my astonishment it works perfectly and stores in the fridge, you just have to heat it up everytime you use it.

There is an abundance of flowers by the roadside, so I don't need a garden full of blooms after all!  I'm hoping to make a load, and perhaps attend a car boot sale to see how it goes.  I've not seen any like these around, so I might be lucky and sell a few.  I also have a pile of stuff I want to get rid off..... declutter here I come.

Now if only I could find the stamina to finish that Rooster painting too!

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