Thursday, February 12, 2015

The "I ran out of yarn" Cardi

This cardigan has been on my needles for years.......... yes I said years.  I think I did so much knitting, that I just ran out of go go juice.
Anyway I picked it up again at the end of last summer, and of course had to unravel enough to make anyone cry, due to having to make it smaller since we both started looking after ourselves a bit better and lost a good few kgs of weight.

This is the first time ever I have ran out of yarn.  I'm so shocked, they must be less yardage on the ball or something......... probably why it's not written anywhere on the label.
 I managed to get some ribbing onto the neck, but not enough for my liking.  As for the button borders, well no sireee are you getting them, you ran out of yarn remember.  I added a zip instead, well what else could I do?
I knew what kind of reception was coming before I handed it over.  The collar is too low and the sleeves are a tad too short.  Exactly what I said well I ran out of yarn sweetie, if you don't want it, I can put it to one of the charity shops!
This is the same person who managed to felt a lovely pair of hand knit socks, that my mum made him!  And all he said was oops!  Mind you they fit me now and are well cosy ;)

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