Monday, July 15, 2013

Braintree Clothing summer outfit

I stumbled upon Braintree Clothing who are running a competition for bloggers - by creating a holiday outfit from their line you can win your outfit! (Up to £200)
Normally I don't bother with these types of competitions mainly because, I rarely like the clothes.... yes I'm particular.  I thought I'd give this a go as they have a few things I adore, sadly a lot sold out in my size. But this is what I put together.

The Betula Birch Tunic in Nordic tile. As an alternative to florals. I teamed this up with the Deep Purple Ivywood Jacket (currently on sale ;) ) as the sea breeze can be rather cool or even chilly in the evening, to finish it off I chose Kips Leather Cross Body Bag, as I adore these type of bags. I also picked the Bibaka Bangle, as it's always nice to have a bit of jewelry other than my watch.
As you can probably tell I love Purple!! So that's my Purple Passion Summer Fashion choice from Baintree clothing.
If you want to take part in the competition head over to  #BtreeStyleComp before 21 July!!!

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